The Young Life Begins

Eleanor of Aquitaine did not know she could change the world. No one guessed she ever would caught in her charisma, the way her court was. But she did change the world. She changed it in a fundamental way. She survived the singularity of the apocalypse of the disastrous 2nd Crusade. In the 12th century she became a queen of two countries, mother of ten. She held on to childhood origins exactly as she experienced the romance of the world. She opened an academy of Aquitaine manners, and wrote down her code. By teaching her children she taught the world how to love.

In this vibrant series Eleanor of Aquitaine takes you across Europe to the Middle East, sails the Mediterranean as she matures her French, and then her English court. Her 12th century friends include trobars, mediciners, logicians, kings, archbishops, Catharic priests, chevaliers, and modistes. Six novels bring forward a deep look at this woman, what made her tick, what made her love, what made her the most powerful woman of her time. She forges the Eleanor Code to become the greatest queen you never knew.

Mark Richard Beaulieu's Eleanor of Aquitaine-The Young Life. The first book in the series
Mark Richard Beaulieu’s Eleanor of Aquitaine-The Young Life. The first book in the series The Eleanor Code.

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