Six Novels

Six novels make up the Eleanor Code.
Eleanor of Aquitaine-Love and Rebellion 2016 release
Eleanor of Aquitaine-The Legacy 2017 release



To Kill a Mockingbird begins with Scout at age 6. So begins the Young Life with Eleanor dealing with childhood, prejudice, death of parents, as she is married to become Queen of France at age 13. The Young Life (6-13)


Eleanor struggles to establish her regency as she explores 12th century Paris in a highly religious society. As a leader she dashes into the 2nd Crusade. Her husband’s overzealous belief in faith, lack of planning leads to disaster where 1 in 20 survive and she nearly loses her life. The Journey East (14-24)


Escaping the Holy Land is exciting, devastating, and rewarding. Eleanor Capet meets the queens of the desert and learns what it takes to be a queen.  After the terribly misguided crusade, and a harrowing sea voyage she lands in a place to discover great secrets that will make he incredibly powerful. The Voyage West (24-27)


Beginning with a great riddle of a Justicer of England, the Capets and Angevins are at war. The riddle is solved and quite by accident Eleanor 27 and Henri 18 meet, a romantic spark in time where Eleanor surrenders the French crown to create a new family, eventually becoming the Queen of England, and lives with an itinerant court and the trials of Henri. The Generation (27-43)

Eleanor of Aquitaine-Love and Rebellion (44-56)  2016 release

Eleanor Queen of England restores, then literally defends her life to elevate the culture of the Aquitaine and raise her children. Her innovative court of French manners evolves into an academy of romances. At the height of her powers with the court method being franchised, her husband Henri commits a series of unspeakable acts throwing all of Europe into rebellion against him. Eleanor has a few years to struggle and determine what is the right thing to do.

Eleanor of Aquitaine-The Legacy (56-55) 2017 release

After dark years with Henri, Eleanor is rescued by Richard the Lionheart her son. She helps guide the 3rd Crusade based on everything she learned from the 2nd to make her son successful. Her endgame is with her children and grandchildren to place them on every throne in Europe.


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